BAY 17

We want you to take into account before making your reservation that the Bahía are the cheapest option of all our bungalows but they enjoy all the services of the Camping. Moreover, we recommend that you do not reserve them if you do not know them, because the photographs on the website do not show their condition well and we do not want you to get the wrong impression. It is planned to replace them with modern bungalows, but meanwhile they are offered as a very economical alternative to enjoy our location and services. They are repaired every season, but their age is very evident in the structure and furniture, so breakdowns are more frequent. They are traditional mobile homes with smaller spaces and heights, therefore, despite the fact that the maximum occupancy can be up to 6 people, we advise against booking for more than 2 adults, as the bunk beds are 60 cm wide, so only They are suitable for children. In addition, the second double bed must be set up in the armchairs in the dining room, which reduces common space and comfort. The bathroom and showers can be cramped for guests who are not used to the spaces of caravans or mobile homes. There are differences in interior layout between some units. The duvet, sheets, blankets, towels, etc. are the same as in the highest category bungalows. This bungalows are near the kids park and sport pitch.

Equipamiento de los Bungalows

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